Ten letters with onions

One of the happier bureaucratic customs is the postal service's use of stamps to commemorate great individuals, historical moments, places and other cultural icons. There was a time when I would not send a letter without an Otis Redding stamp. But our friend Milena is kind enough to send along a picture of this Bosnian stamp, celebrating a darn good culinary product:

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Other countries should follow suit.

Update: Have a look at the comments, Mr Teekay suspects that the photo may be a hoax. If it is, the postal service would be wise to embrace it.

Update2: Counselor Skelly has evidence that the stamp is real, he provides a link in the comments.


coturnix said...

Ide mi voda na usta!

Mat Savelli said...

Is there an equivalent for Banja Luka's square variation on Cevapi? In any case, hold the kajmak.

T K Vogel said...

Eric, I can't shake the suspicion that this is a hoax -- if a rather elaborate and, indeed, credible one. Consultations with Milena failed to illuminate the matter but I promise to investigate further.

Skelly said...

I vote for Not a Hoax. Look here: http://www.bhp.ba/en/filatelija/postanske_marke/2002.html
If you're a collector, you can buy your own cevap stamp for $28.06 US. http://www.collectorstarget.com/bosfed02.html
They were available as a Gastronomy issue in 2002 in post offices in the Federation; I'm guessing that stamps depicting square cevap might have been for sale in the RS.

Eric Gordy said...

Wow, good philately! After a look at the page, though, I think that instead of getting the stamps for $28 I'll get the cevapi for $2, and go for the Davorin Popovic stamp.