Good news and bad

The good news today is that much to relief of my much burdened spouse and her computer, I finally got my machine back from Apple today! And it is humming along in fine repair! The best bit of all is that they do not seem to have destroyed my existing files, which means I will not have to scour the P2P servers for the works of Üstmamó and Brooke Benton.

The bad news is that the domains at blog.hr seem to be unreachable today. Let's hope this is temporary, as nearly all things are.


Dragan said...

Blog.hr had some major technical difficulties this afternoon. It seems that they have managed to solve them around 21:45 CET.

Eric Gordy said...

Thanks for the info Dragan. If that is Dragan zvani Drax, thanks also for your great posts on the Croatian elections.