Coffee pot design?

Over at Left2Right, Don Herzog has a substantial commentary and response to an interview on CBN (don't tell me you haven't heard of it? the Christian Broadcasting Network?) with the faith-based literary critic Jim Nelson Black, author of Freefall of the American University. The book argues about American universities that "most are nothing but Leftist indoctrination factories, filling students' minds with politically correct and often morally repugnant mush." Apparently he goes beyond the standard bias, selection of amusing elective courses, and so on, and also promises to show "how colleges and universities have virtually eliminated study of the history of various sciences -- in order to conceal their Christian roots" and the disturbing spread of "homosexuality, cremation, and coffee pot design."

Oh, and did I mention that the faithful are offered voyeuristic conjecture about what Dr Black imagines students' sexual practices to be like? I shouldn't forget to mention that sort of thing. But let's hear a bit from the author himself, courtesy of CBN:

"What they are not teaching are the things you and I learned at college. They are not teaching freshman English nor American history, nor basic mathematics and science. They are teaching radical courses about sexuality, and benign courses on vampires and the undead. That is actually the name of one course."

"In fact, Marxism is the controlling doctrine on the university campus today. Capitalism is negative to most university professors; I would say 60 percent of them, as Marxism was 30 years ago."

"As many as 70 percent of college students are sexually active today; as many as half of those, or more, have STD's and many of them don't know it."

"Even at Harvard, Yale and Princeton, and other universities that I talk about in this book, and interviews I have done on those campuses, ‘hooking up’ is the new fad. That means having sex with anybody, any time, and you try not to know the name of the person with whom you’re having a relationship."

Dr Black must work at a very interesting university where there are not literature, history, mathematics or science courses, and where he has medical information about students that they do not have themselves! I wonder which university that is?

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