Of archival interest, perhaps

It looks as though that small crowd of people who draw on Balkan politicians' memoirs of the recent past are getting a new source to consider. Biljana Plavšić will soon be coming out with Svedočim, her memoir direct from the Hinseberg prison in picturesque Sweden. Portions are being published as a feuilleton in Nezavisne novine. The first two installments are online already.

I've got no assessment, since I haven't read it yet.


Anonymous said...

Amazing that Mrs. Plavsic has managed to write a book, even while being harried by the harridans of al-Qaeda within the walls of the Swedish women's prison where she has been serving her sentence since she pled guilty to crimes against humanity. This in addition to having poison gases pumped into her cell at night by the nasty Swedish guards (according to a letter from Mrs. P., published in Politika, Oct. 17 2003).

But she could hardly remain silent, after Radovan Karadzic, Mira Markovic, and even "Legija" became authors of best-sellers. All that without the expense and bother of book tours -- a publisher's dream.

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Blic (Belgrade)
December 5, 2004

Biljana Plavsic at risk in the prison: She broke her arm while running away from an attacker

'Former president of the Republic of Srpska, Biljana Plavsic, who is serving her sentence in a prison in Sweden, broke her arm a month ago while she was running away from prisoners from Islamic countries that attacked her', Vaska Plavsic, wife of Biljana's brother Zdravko told Srna Agency.

No additional protection measures have been undertaken by prison administration after this attack. Only the most aggressive woman prisoner was moved to another cell. She is not sharing the room with the prisoners who attacked her but she is meeting them at the time of daily activities, when she is having medical treatment, walking in the yard or making a phone call. They gather around her and cry 'Allah uekbar' and 'Al Kaeda'.

Eric Gordy said...

Interesting .... is the only source here her brother's wife?