The Templars flutter again

From the text of a leaflet distributed today in the otherwise really very pleasant city of Split, signed by "the Templars," as reported by Index:

Ask yourselves why all Serbs, Muslims, atheists, autonomists and ultraleftists so passionately support Mesić?!
Why do all of the destroyers of Croatian traditions, aided by various cults and associations of homosexuals and prostitutes support Stefan [that's a sic, but I didn't translate the connotation of the word they used for "homosexual"--EDG] and his Milka!
Are you a part of that crowd!!!?
If you are not, come out for the elections and show it!!!
Do not allow the further degradation of the Croatian freedom-loving, traditional and Catholic values!

I've never heard of this group "the Templars," but anyone can have suspicions:

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Roger Moore as Simon Templar in the classic television series The Saint.

Update: Wow, Drax has some new details about this incident! It involves planes, a former high-ranking military officer, transport authorities ....


Anonymous said...

But the picture is good.
I am afraid HDZ will win once more - on the wings of hatred, of course!

Eric Gordy said...

I thought "The Saint" was some very fine television. Up there with "The Avengers" (while Diana Rigg was still in it). On the other hand, I'm not so fond of HDZ. But if I had to predict, I do expect Mesic to be reelected. Remember that Sanader won because he persuaded people that HDZ had become more moderate, and also because Racan was so disappointing. They are headed the other way now.