The art of the bad deal

Anyone who wants to build up an art collection in a hurry may want to get in touch with the Agency for Bank Receivership and Liquidation in Serbia. B92 reports today that they are preparing an auction of 73 works of art from the collections of failed banks, whose value has been confirmed by the staff of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade. On sale on 30 January will be works by Safet Zec, Radomir Reljić, Aleksandar Cvetković, Ljubica Sokić, Jovan Bjelić, Peđa Milosavljević, Mića Popović, Olja Ivanjicki, and Milan Marinković-Cile.

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I doubt very much that the above painting, "Evropa terra incognita" (Radomir Reljić, 1968) is on sale, since it is in the permanent collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art.

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