Ethnia takes a holiday

Dear readers, I am headed off next week for a trip of two weeks and have a couple of jobs to finish before I go. So posting is going to be in the intermittent to nonexistent range from now to the end of March. I will still check my mail when I am able, but you know how it is on the road, it can't always be done every day. Look for the site to resume full activity after 28 March, and be well.


The second Carnival of the Balkans!

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Raise a glass of (homemade, by your uncle) loza, rakica or palinka to Coturnix, who has compiled and edited the Second Carnival of the Balkans! There is so much good writing, clear-eyed observation and ever so slightly dark humor in the Balkan blogosphere that we really expect the EU blogs to be lining up to join.