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I think I have succeeded in fixing the comments problem that a user pointed out. Please let me know if I have not fixed it.

While it would be pretentious to claim that this blog has a "comments policy," I can say this much: discussion is welcome, more often than not comments will get replies, and I delete comments very rarely, only if they are really useless or if the comments section is being used to insult or abuse people (which I do not equate with criticism or disagreement). Whether it is due to luck or some of other factor, this has only happened a couple of times. And while you certainly can comment anonymously, I have greater respect for people who do not.


Piće za mladiće

Way back in distant 1994, the ethnologist Ivan Čolović observed that whenever relations between Serbia and the "Republika Srpska" started to turn sour, the tabloids would increase the number of police chronicle stories about awful things happening to a "mladić" (young man). The implication being that some awful thing would happen to a Mladić (drunken murderer). So are we to draw any conclusions on the basis of this?


Museum of rokenrol

Rambo Amadeus has a modest proposal: a museum of rock n roll, because "today's children have no idea" what it was, and this is a problem that could be addressed by the wealth of available and underemployed "living exhibits."