It is a while since East Ethnia has been with you! Your humble correspondent spent a while travelling, had surprising good luck in selling one much-loved Boston apartment, had even more surprising good luck in obtaining visas for Mrs Ethnia and the Ethniette (even Lajoš the wonder dog is more or less sorted), managed to hit one pleasant conference and give one nice little lecture, and spent much time in the comforting hands of airline corporations. Now it is back in London for exam season, gaping at political disasters (more about these elsewhere in future posts), and another exciting round of flat-hunting.

The Balkans have been up to much of the same, but we will tell you about that in more detail, won't we?

And if any of the dear readers here are members of the monstrosity known as Facebook, you may want to join the group of our friendly little Centre to find out about our upcoming events. Next week we will have a conference on new research organised by our friends at Goldsmiths, and soon we will have details up for the launch of the new book by Celia Hawkesworth on 22 May.

In the meantime, if any of you have leads on a nice but not too costly 2-3 bedroom rental on Muswell Hill, do let me know. And if any of you have clever ideas on how to run iTunes through my little mini stereo (it has a USB port!) you will earn my gratitude.

Back at cha.