Killing me softly

Probably nobody will be so surprised that this song, "Tihi ubica" by Jelena Karleuša, is a pretty uninteresting reworking of pop motifs that are well known to everyone. Nor is anybody likely to be terribly surprised that a TF (yes, since the genre no longer contains "turbo" or "folk," we should drop all referents from its name like they did with KFC) video is modelled after a Martian's dream of what a lingerie catalog must look like. Some of you may recognise the building in which the spot was filmed -- I will confess that I did not until I read a news item about it -- as a place of some renown. It is in fact the oldest educational institution in Serbia, the secondary school in Sremski Karlovci. In all probability this is the first time the institution has been used as a backdrop for cheesecake with čvarci since the school opened its doors in 1792. The alumni are angry, and the director says he has no idea how permission was granted.

My opinion? I think the doggie in the video is very impressive.


Glasali ste....

There is undoubtedly a bunch of stuff to said about yesterday's election in Serbia. Some of what I had to say I said here.


Numbers, qv: strength in

Polls are still open Serbia's presidential election, and projected results will not come before they close later tonight, but already CeSiD is reporting an extraordinarily high turnout. Previous experience would suggest that this is a good sign.