All tomorrow's promises

Thanks to friend of East Ethnia EK for this ..... great moments in political marketing from the star of Davitelj protiv davitelja.

Better moments, if I can put it that way. About this I would not be able to tell you much.


Državni ljubimci

Thanks to friend of East Ethnia AR for this: Over at Global Voices, Elia Varela Serra profiles a couple of new blogs in Bosnia-Hercegovina. One of them is by the president of the federal presidency Željko Komšić, who addresses his public in a pleasant conversational style. UK ambassador to BH Matthew Rycroft is a little more formal, but when he is not diplomatifying he is also a bass player.


Bol do ludila

East Ethnia takes a moment out of its busy day to inform its readers that just like you, it also has no idea what Marija Šerifović is thinking.