Cosa ho nella testa

Since Mrs Ethnia and I have launched into our new translation hobby, nuances of meaning and ways in which they can be magnified are apparent to us more than they are usually. Which makes me wonder whether the reporter used the only way possible of rendering this. Somehow I expect the answer is yes, after all.


And now the sergeant will tell us his dream

Admit that you always thought that there were unexplored connections between Slobodan Milošević and Luis Buñuel. Edin Hajdarpašić explains why.

Communication with the public

B92 is reporting that Florence Hartmann, spokesperson for the ICTY prosecutor, has been removed from her position. No confirmation or word as to why, or on the question of who might replace her.

Update: Rumor is her role will be assumed by Anton Nikiforov, up to now a diplomatic advisor at OTP.