Najbolje se putuje...

Okay, dear readers, today I am really heading off! The blog will be silent for a couple days, then Teekay will be filling in until I return around 10 June. Don't let any events pass you by during that time!


Homo homini lupus

It would seem that the wife of murderer, thief and drug dealer Milorad Ulemek, who is currently on trial for the assassination of Serbian prime minister Zoran Djindjić, has opened a private security agency under the name of "Lupus," according to B92.

Considering that the symbol of the agency is the same wolf's head that was the symbol of the "Unit for Special Operations" (JSO) that Milorad Ulemek once commanded formally (and subsequently informally), can it be a coincidence that she has named her business after a debilitating blood disease?

East Ethnia and West Ethnia

This is my daughter's favorite feature of the web stats program, to find out where the readers are. It looks like this blog, which has a small but very high-quality readership, has more readers in Europe than in the Americas.

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This relation seems to change meaningfully only in those rare instances when East Ethnia gets a mention in the US media or one of them megablogs. Is it the subject matter? Or more evidence for what our import marketers (shoes, cars, kitchen gadgets...) constantly tell us, that Europeans have better judgment and are more tasteful? Or is it the recognition of my inner European?

Your Inner European is Spanish!

Energetic and lively.

You bring the party with you!

This is something I did not know, though it sets a boy to wonder how many other inner Spaniards there may have been in lovely Freeland, Washinton. Turns out the inner Mrs Ethnia is Irish and the inner Ethniette is Swedish, as well. Who would have guessed?