Abuse and degradation

Is the problem with Donald Rumsfeld really that he wounded the pride of some ex-generals? Or is there more?


Zna se!

This week posters once more appeared in Belgrade with messages of support for genocide indictee Ratko Mladić, this time accompanied by claims that he is a "Serb." These ones were put up by the members of the cheeky neofascist group "Obraz." Danish artists Pia Bertelsen and Jan Egesborg (I may be misspelling their names, which I encountered in the rendering po Vuku) responded by adding a variety of slogans to the posters: "We know who you are talking to," "We know you have weak nerves," and "We know you are a coward."


Signs of the times?

So the French government has responded to irresistible pressure by withdrawing its proposed law permitting labor discrimination, and it looks like Romano Prodi will be forming the next Italian government. And we finished our taxes in record time and visited our friends in quaint Portsmouth, New Hampshire, where we had some of the best pizza this side of Buenos Aires. Don't let the good times get you down, ah?