Perhaps we will know on Thursday, and perhaps we will not. Either way, RFE/RL is carrying the rumour that Feral Tribune could be returning through the good graces of, of all corporations, the prodigal monopolist WAZ. That would be half-good news, I suppose.

Update: Turns out the rumour is half true -- same story, different sponsor.


Shorter version: Responses to Tadić's apology

More responses here, here, here and here. Also check out Viktor's response.

Isn't our boy well mannered?
DSS: President of the Republic, who's that?
Center politicians in Croatia: That was sweet.
Right politicians in Croatia: Maybe, but he's still from Serbia, isn't he?
Serbian NGOs: He's starting to get good at this.
LDP: More, more.
SRS: If that stuff was so bad, why were we so well compensated for it?
SPS: If only we had known about this guy earlier.

A week without Feral

Amidst all the responses to the demise of Feral Tribune at the hands of selective application of tax policy, Boris Dežulović corrects a few errors (as we know, the last number was not the first to fail to reach the kiosks), and offers a short history of the paper and its rotating cast of enemies. And he concludes:
"If tomorrow for the fifth time Feral does not make it to the newsstands, and if there is no Feral next week either, or ever, Croatia will not be the same -- that could be a pathetic obituary for Feral. But we all know that is colossal foolishness: Croatia will be exactly the same, only there will be nobody to tell it."