Ivica Račan

I have just been informed by a friend, but have not yet seen in the news, that Ivica Račan died this morning.

Update: I will have to guess, since nobody is confirming the news, that either there is a conspiracy or there is a false alarm. I'm going with false alarm.


East Ethnia: Back with you as if it had never been gone

After ten days of confusion, rushing about, and bricolage, my dear pet computer is back from the majstori. Apparently it needed a new hard disc, so Apple sent one, but it was a bad one, and Apple had to send another. Srpska posla s tim jabukama! This comeback post jets your way from some random hotel lobby, where I am waiting for the bus that will take me to bucolic New York, where every April the world's finest Balkanologists attend the ASN conference.

I know that I have missed major events which could have made for some fine blogging. Will be right on it.


An explanation for blog silence

Nothing dramatic. It's the usual end of the semester work crunch, plus my computer is at the vet. Posting will be fairly intermittent for a while. East Ethnia, as always, thanks its readers for their patience.