Deadline for ICTY indictments

There is an interesting essay with a developing discussion over at The head Heeb by a guest writer, one Doug M.

He writes about the impending deadline for the ICTY prosecutor to file indictments -- 31 December, just two days from now. Most of the essay is dedicated to speculating as to whether an indictment is likely to be filed against Ramush Haradinaj, the former guerrilla commander who has recently become prime minister of Kosovo. But there is plenty of interesting reflection beyond that as well.


T K Vogel said...

Doug is the dude from Halfway Down the Danube, which is in your link collection. He usually has interesting things to say, and says them well -- always worth checking out.

Eric Gordy said...

Aha ... yes, that is a fine blog.
I find that I am not able to call another person a "blogger," it doesn't sound quite right. Even though I am perfectly aware that the service I use to put this thing up is called "Blogger." For some reason it sounds to me too much like "schnorrer," which is actually a fine word I ought to use more often.