Islamic terrorism

In my daytime job as an editor, I love pieces that can be held on reserve and put in the paper whenever there's the need for a little something to fill all that space. Many publications use stories about Islamic terrorists in Bosnia or Kosovo for that purpose (I don't, since most of it is made up). They're usually based on statements by "Serbian security analysts," or on stories by Serbian newspapers which are in turn based on obscure commentators from the West who make their living spreading disinformation (e.g., Gregory Copley).

Will you forgive me the joy with which I read this piece this morning?
A Moroccan suspected of involvement in the Madrid train bombings has been arrested in Belgrade, Spain says.

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Katja R. said...

well I have to wonder about a terrorist who would be so INCREADABLY STUPID as to go to Serbia, or really ANY EAstern European country, but especially Serbia, and expect that the police wouldn't stop him sometimes and want to see ID!?!?