A death foretold

East Ethnia began its virtual presence in November 2004, and come November 2005, it will end. It is time for your friendly editor to move forward with a couple of projects, and back to a more traditional kind of writing. There will be some sort of poignant farewell when the time comes for it.


Katja R. said...

NO GORDY DON"T DO THAT! DON'T QUIT! cut back if you have to, but please don't quit, so many useful things I found as a result of this blog! So many have connected here!
Today's Klingon Word: wolphiz
Klingon rhymeing slang for whizz

Bonus Klingon Word: fgbjtlpv
What Klingons say when really angry, it's bad trust me, highly rude!

Bora Zivkovic said...


Eric Gordy said...

Oh, you guys, you make me sad. But really, it will have been a year of blogging, which is probably enough unless I decide it is really how I want to spend my time. It's been a lot of fun, but this is a good time to do something else.

Michael M. said...

There seems to be an unwritten rule that only the good die young and only the best sites go down.

Please reconsider!

Catherine said...

Can I be the next to scream Noooo!, wail and gnash teeth.....?

DarkoV said...

I think I understand but it still is rather sad. In a playground of kids, you are one of the rare adults that remind us of the responsibilities we should have with this blogging thing with your daily examples. How about you take a nap, not a full bore sleep? I promise we'll behave.

Please oh please oh please!?

Eric Gordy said...

My fans! So loyal and so few! But my apologies ... I want to get a book out, and I know enough to use inspiration when it is there, because it vanishes.
Now, if all of the fans of this blog buy my next book, then I should make twice as much on it as I did on my last book (assuming that 2 x 0 = 0).

John1975 said...

You probably don't like me much but, I do wish you luck and the best in the future.

I'll buy your book if you by mine.ha! Just joking.

Seriously though, for what it's worth; this world is full of enemies and anonomosity towards others. This is not a good thing.

I just want you to know that I do apologize for some of the things I said and have no hard feelings.

God's SPEED!


Katja R. said...

OK, I will offer the same deal that John just offered! Mine is going to take longer to get out. I understand, maybe you could just log in once a month? Maybe have a team? I mean haveing TeeKay on board hasn't been a bad thing at all either, I just don't want to lose this virtual community of which you are a pretty vital part. Today's Secret Klingon word is: xuaib! That's Klingon for HOOOAH! it should be yelled really LOUDLY!

Mrs. East Ethnia said...

I would like to add that Eric has the support of his family to continue publishing East Ethnia, with reduced input if necessary. The blog is my homepage and I do enjoy reading it.

Cheers to everyone!