International đetić set

Bora wants to know what proportion of visits people's (presumably US-based) blogs are getting from outside the US. I am only too happy to comply, of course.

It is not too surprising that a majority of the visits here should be from outside the US, since most of what gets written about here is not about the US. There are some limitations, though: the tracking program that I use only records (at least in its free version) the past 100 visits. Depending on the topic of the moment, the proportions can change wildly. It also looks like there is one visitor coming from a place called "Unknown country." That sounds very exotic, and I am sure it is a place I would like to see.


Katja R. said...

This has been a wierd experience. I should not flatter myself, not that many visit my site, but still it's kind of fun looking, I have today 66% US and 33% Unknown Country. Someone must have a really good cloaking device!

Catherine said...

Unknown Country is otherwise known as the land of Firewall, I think. (At least it's more advanced than the one we had at my security-obsessed old school which recorded everything we clicked on as gonig via Zimbabwe...)