Did he who made the Lamb make thee?

The state flower of Arkansas is Pyrus coronaria, known to you and me as the apple blossom. It is known as "The natural state," and its state songs are "Arkansas" and "Oh Arkansas." It is home to the Razorbacks, was once home to the Glaciercats, whose place was taken by the also defunct RiverBlades and is still home to the (what else?) Arkansas Travellers. At one time it was home to the Arkansaurus fridayi, but now the state mammal is the white-tailed deer, while as far as I know there is no state reptile.

The official state siledžija, although he was armed and financed by another state entirely, is the late Željko Ražnatovic, known to many as Arkan. About this last one, my friend Chris Stewart has just published a biography. I saw an earlier version of the text, and found it to be one heck of a story. Maybe you will enjoy it too.


Shaina said...

Sounds like an interesting book, particularly after reading the overview and authors' praises. I think that it would be great to also have an excerpt along with the overview and review on the site.
Even w/out an excerpt of the text, I'm pretty sure the book is not a "self help" book, contrary to what the good people at Amazon.com have characterized it.

Eric Gordy said...

Doesnt qualify as a self help book? I learned the best tiger tracking techniques from it.