The Earth is getting younger, and my clothing smaller

Came across this job announcement today at the Chronicle of Higher Education, from Mr Falwell's school:
Biology: Liberty University invites applications for: Faculty member with Ph.D. and compatibility with a young-earth creationist philosophy. Teaching expertise in Microbiology and supervision of undergraduate research expected. Experience in molecular genetics helpful. Send letter of interest, resume, and statement of personal Christian faith commitment to [contact info omitted].
They require the same compatibility for their position in physiology but not, interestingly enough, for their position in chemistry. I do not know whether "a young-earth creationist philosophy" is compatible with what has been called "intelligent design." But I have been looking for a forum from which to promote my theory: "Italian design," which argues that people look fantastic, but are engineered in such a way that they require constant and intensive maintenance.


Katja R. said...

Welcome back, I hope you had a good time in Georgia!

Eric Gordy said...

Thanks! I'm fairly exhausted, but had a great time in Georgia. I'll try to put together some impressions soon.