Finally, the post-Milošević era

Just some initial thoughts on the passing of Slobodan Milošević. First, it probably does not change the political situation in Serbia much. His influence had been declining since well before he left power, and as the independent activity of the groups he created indicates (for example, the murder of Zoran Đinđić a day short of three years ago, the continuing march of SRS through the institutions), very little depended on him.

The news is probably good news for Serbia, which will be hostage to one person fewer. It is also good news for SPS, which might now have the possibility (under the condition that it restructures meaningfully) to follow the example of the other parties in the region that once held a monopoly of power, and become a functional political party.

It is bad news for ICTY, for several reasons. One is that the detention facility will find it hard to escape a reputation for ineptitude. The main reason, though, is that the Tribunal will complete its activity without having completed its most important trial. The decisions which led to a frequently interrupted trial lasting years will be questioned far into the future, and will probably be used as a negative example for future tribunals.

The fact that a verdict will not be reached in the Milošević trial is bad news for everybody.

Finally, while anybody's death is a cause for regret, what is to be regretted most about Milošević is that during his life, he was able to take so many other people down with him.


Anonymous said...

OK, it happened, I posted about it, you posted about, let's move on.
That's the main thing that's happening here, the end of the beginning of the return to the "normala". Just got to tie up some loose ends (CG, Kosmet), which will be done soon... Онда, будућност :)

Matthew Celestine said...

It is sad that he was not convicted. As a Christian I believe he will not escape God's justice.