Deficient immunity

So a court in the Netherlands has ruled that the UN is protected by immunity in a case in which it was charged that the people the UN was obligated to protect were protected by nothing at all. The same principle, however, does not apply to the state of the Netherlands itself, so far.


Anonymous said...

And of course as the Netherlands government attorney pointed out, if the decision to encourage people to leave the base was wrong the UN would be liable for the victims' deaths, not the Dutch state. Unfortunate that that then leaves nobody to carry the can.

Thirteen years on from the day that Hasan Nuhanovic was told by his Dutchbat colleague that he personally had to tell his parents that they had to leave and the Dutch still insist that no-one was forced to leave the base.

Katja R. said...

I really think it is a disgrace that no one is going to take responsibility for all those deaths. It disgusts me no end now as it did at the time. Why even HAVE a U.N. if it is not going to do what it is supposed to do? I believe Nuhanovic over the Dutch colleagues anytime. I am sure there were individual Dutch soldiers who were not 'down with this' but the commander was drinking rakija with Mladic, I think at best the Dutch commander had a massive case of Stockholm syndrome. To this day, I do not believe this massacre would have taken place if the victims had been Christian instead of Muslim. It makes me feel shame as a Christian person.