Party like it's 1987

Bless the ultrarightists who call themselves leftists, they are outraged that SPS would join a government with DS. So now Hegel iz naših sokaka, Če da krade donacije od izbeglica, and Aca bivša faca have announced their intention of forming a new party. Mihajlo Marković rose out of his crypt to declare the new party's platform against "brutal trade, prostitution and unnatural acts," then scurried off in terror at the sunrise.

There is at least one set of rumours out there suggesting that they need not have bothered. According to this version of the near future, SPS will be out of all coalitions and LDP will be in. Or else -- get this! -- new elections, which DSS and SRS are hankering to lose while SPS is still uncertain whether it wants to lose now or later.


Anonymous said...

Do these people have anything else to do with their spare time except have elections or think about having new ones?

Eric Gordy said...

I think the short answer to that would be no.