Ne zastareva

So it seems that somebody has caught up with 86-year old Peter Egner, resident of a retirement home in lovely Bellevue, Washington. According to the charges, Mr Egner, who came to the United States in 1960 and received citizenship in 1966, was a member of the Nazi security police in Belgrade between 1941 and 1943 where he acted as an interpreter during interrogations of prisoners and guarded transports of prisoners (at least) between two prison camps in the city. During the first nine months of the occupation, it is charged, he was a member of a unit that killed thousands of civilians, mostly by asphyxiation.

The suspect is not commenting and his lawyer says that the charges are vague.

A little bit more: the government has filed a case to revoke the old murderer's citizenship (here is the full text). Some guy says that he is a gentleman. While his neighbours seem to think that being a Nazi has something to do with privacy.

Thanks to AR for the charming photo.


Richard Byrne said...

If the Nazi has breath, he's accountable. I think there's an actual mathematical equation to that effect... and that equation intensifies as we proceed through the 20th century

Eric Gordy said...

There is an item in the news today that Serbia plans to ask for extradition. But it seems unlikely that they already have an indictment ready.